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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 2 - Creating a Simple Application
Chapter 3 - Storing Data in Objects
Chapter 4 - Manipulating Data in Objects
Chapter 5 - Changing the Program Flow with Decisions
Chapter 6 - Catching Exceptions
Chapter 7 - Adding Methods for Objects
Chapter 8 - Program Loops
Chapter 9 - Arrays and Collections
Chapter 10 - Encapsulation
Chapter 11 - Object Persistence Using Data Files
Chapter 12 - User Interface Objects
Chapter 13 - Database Connectivity with ADO.NET

Appendix A  - C# Keywords
Appendix B  - C# Coding Standards and Guidelines
Appendix C  - Using the Visual Studio Debugging Tools
Appendix D  - Speed Coding Tips and Tricks

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